Budding Scholar Program

Budding Scholar

Budding Scholar Program boosts up author’s morale and elevates research work among the students, teachers and research scholars. Haven’t you ever been as an author troubled by thoughts about the manuscript publication fees, quality of the journal, the rejection rate and other jargons? As an author you might find your work lacking enough recipes to get publish in international journal even after writing a manuscript par excellence.

Budding Scholar Program with its positive vibe adds up to the author’s positive energy in rising up to the standard of research work to suit international standards. Author’s genuinely conducting research work and extracting a good-quality manuscript is best suited to enroll in "Budding Scholar Program".

Those think they deserve are eligible to submit their manuscript through this program. "Budding Scholar Program" does provide some features those help our journal to stand apart from other traditional journals. These features ultimately turn out as a benefit to the author who submits through this program.

  • Author will be provided upto 50% exemption in the Publication Fee of IJORCS.
  • An exclusive interview featuring the author’s foreword and research work would be showcased on our website.
  • The name of the author would be particularly presented as a "Budding Scholar" in the print version of the issue.
  • An appreciation letter will be awarded for submission of the manuscript through "Budding Scholar Program".

Authors willing to submit their manuscript through this program must possess a specific eligibility criterion in order to participate and avail the benefits of "Budding Scholar Program".

  • The manuscript submitted hereby should meet criterion set by Editorial Board of IJORCS, in terms of quality, novelty, uniqueness and innovation. It must pass our "Anti-Plagiarism test" in order to get accepted by our editorial board.
  • Supporting the reason why author chose to submit the manuscript through this program, substantial information should be provided.
  • Author may refer our journal to publish in next issue of IJORCS, which would get exemption in its publication fee.
  • To submit the manuscript through this program, the author should explicitly indicate the editorial board and provide the text "Applying through Budding Scholar Program" in the Additional Comments box, while submitting the manuscript through submission form.
  • In each issue of IJORCS, only one paper will be published under "Budding Scholar" program.
  • Authors applying, should submit the manuscript within 10 days of deceleration of Call for papers, for the respective issue.