Conference Pairing Program

Conference Pairing Program

Trilateral Feed Plan

White Globe Publication as a true propagator of innovative scientific research in the fields of computers & general science has an aim to propagate scientific research and knowledge through their unique and cohesive Conference Pairing Program, which further helps in continuous progression of social infrastructure and industrial practices.

Conference Pairing Program is a trilateral feed program between White Globe Publications, Conference Partner & Authors. It not only aims to develop the strong and long term correlation between them but also allows the White Globe Publications to induce the benefits to every single corner of this triangle i.e. White Globe Publications, Conference Partner & Authors proving mutually beneficial and advantageous for the partner conference and the White Globe Publications.

White Globe Publications Conference Pairing Program in its endeavor to increase the communication and coordination between both the scientific scholarly platforms exclusively benefiting and profiting the platforms involved in it innovated more stronger and favorable measures.

Pairing Program Benefits

Propagate Knowledge

According to Conference Pairing Program, White Globe Publications encourages the researchers to produce more qualitative research work. It happens so by publishing the best research papers of the conference in White Globe Publications. Since, White Globe Publications is an International Publisher; therefore, it endows the great benefit to authors by increasing their visibility among their international peers. Besides authors, White Globe Publications and Conference Partner also equally and mutually enjoy the benefits of Pairing program. The key benefits of the Pairing program for each of White Globe Publications and Conference Partner are listed below.

White Globe Publications Benefits
  • To provide the platform to White Globe Publications for profile introduction, portfolio circulation and Call for Papers (CFP).
  • To increase the visibility of White Globe Publications through indexing & referencing.
  • To place White Globe Publications advertisement at the venue of the conference.
  • To place an advertisement of White Globe Publications over the website of the Conference Partner.
  • To provide the service for distribution of flyers, leaflets and company brochures during the conference.
  • For recommending at least two more conferences to White Globe Publications.
  • To make the name of White Globe Publications as part of their marketing material of conference.
  • To provide the confidential reviewer comments about the research papers with Reviewer profile.
Conference Partner Benefits

White Globe Publications is liable to provide the following benefits to Conference Partner, under the Conference Pairing Program.

  • To increase the visibility of Conference through White Globe Publications indexing & referencing.
  • To place an advertisement of Conference over the website of the White Globe Publications.
  • To provide the platform for call for conference.
  • By mentioning the reference of the conference into Journal under the conference provided research papers.
  • By advertising your conference, in our upcoming issue.
  • All selected papers will be indexed under all the databases where our journal is indexed
  • Increasing the conference visibility through the listed sources:
    • An email to thousands of ID’s in our database.
    • Poster’s in colleges all over INDIA.

The Institute needs to select a specific plan for papers being published among the following:

  1. A special issue will be published in IJORCS, dedicated to the international conference, to be held at your esteemed institution. A copy of this issue, will be given to the institution and to all the authors who will get their paper published in our issue.

  2. Quality papers* selected will be published in our upcoming issue of International Journal of Research in Computer Science. A copy of the issue will be given to the institution and to all the authors who will get their paper published in our issue.

Being a newbie in the international market, we give an assurance that the services delivered will be of utmost quality. We’re entrepreneurial in our thinking and pragmatic in solving problems. Everything we do, we do with integrity and responsibility.

Conference Pairing Program - Conference List

*Papers, that will pass our anti-plagiarism test, will be considered as quality papers.