Publication Fee

In White Globe Publications, to manage certain expenses a specific business model is used. The expenses including those of peer review process, of journal production, print media and of online hosting and archiving, all are recovered in part through a publication fee from the authors or research sponsors for each article they publish. Authors will be eligible for a special discount on fee, if they are affiliated with one of our Institutional Members.

We also offer complete or partial fee waiver for specific authors who are incapable of covering up publication funds. Editors and reviewers don't have access to payment information of authors, and hence inability to pay will not influence the decision to publish a manuscript.

Research Manuscripts Publication Fee*
Authors of accepted manuscripts will be sent the Copyright Form to register and transfer their manuscript rights.

Fee Details
Publication Fee US $49
Cost / Page after 10 pages US $10
Print on demand US $20

Fee Submission

The publication fee as stated above applies on each accepted manuscript published online in IJORCS. To receive a hard copy of the issue, you need to provide additional fee of $20. You can choose to pay the fee through Demand Draft or Bank Transfer. If in your country these methods are impossible we can accept Western Union or Money Gram.

Payee Details

Payee Name (in favour of):
White Globe Publications
Payee Bank:
HDFC Bank, Urban Estate, Phase-1, Dugri, Ludhiana
Payable at:
Ludhiana, Punjab (INDIA)

You can also download the fee submission details here.

*Deserving author's can exempt their publication fees through our "Budding Scholar" program.