Efficient Real-Time Video Transmission in Wireless Mesh Network

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Rajanikanth Aluvalu, Nitin, Birari, Supriya Byreddy
Published Date:
December 30, 2011
Volume 2, Issue 1
11 - 19

wireless mesh network, real time video, contention window, csma, ieee 802.11
Rajanikanth Aluvalu, Nitin, Birari, Supriya Byreddy, "Efficient Real-Time Video Transmission in Wireless Mesh Network". International Journal of Research in Computer Science, 2 (1): pp. 11-19, December 2011. doi:10.7815/ijorcs.21.2011.010 Other Formats


We are experiencing rapid improvement in video transmission and picture quality. The technologies are supporting us with real-time video transmissions such as video conferences and webinars. Soon reliable, simple, low cost real-time video will become essential, providing its extensive support to mobiles; PDA’s etc. These enhancements are going to affect the consumer behaviour, business culture. Video transmission includes transmitting packets through Wireless Mesh Network (WMN), which turned out to be a challenging scenario for real-time video services. Due to the existing nature of wireless networks include the presence of unpredictable delays and high packet error rates due to the error-prone nature of the wireless links. In this paper, we will propose a model which provides high capacity data transfer with reduced delay. We have simulated and achieved results with higher through put.

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