Introductory Approach on Ad-Hoc Networks and its Paradigms

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Mehtab Singh Kahlon
Published Date:
February 29, 2012
Volume 2, Issue 2
33 - 36

ad-hoc wireless networks, routing, manet
Mehtab Singh Kahlon, "Introductory Approach on Ad-Hoc Networks and its Paradigms". International Journal of Research in Computer Science, 2 (2): pp. 33-36, February 2012. doi:10.7815/ijorcs.22.2012.020 Other Formats


An ad-hoc wireless network is a collection of wireless mobile nodes that self-configure to construct a network without the need for any established infrastructure or backbone. Ad hoc networks use mobile nodes to enable communication outside wireless transmission range. With the advancement in wireless communications, more and more wireless networks appear, e.g., Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET), Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), etc. So, in this paper we have discussed Ad Hoc Networks along with its energy issues, applications, QoS and challenges.

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