BIGP- A New Single Protocol that can work as an IGP (Interior Gateway Protocol) as well as EGP (Exterior Gateway Protocol)

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Isha Gupta
Published Date:
July 05, 2012
Volume 2, Issue 4
13 - 17

border gateway protocol, interior gateway protocol, routing tables, exterior gateway protocol
Isha Gupta, "BIGP- A New Single Protocol that can work as an IGP (Interior Gateway Protocol) as well as EGP (Exterior Gateway Protocol)". International Journal of Research in Computer Science, 2 (4): pp. 13-17, July 2012. doi:10.7815/ijorcs.24.2012.034 Other Formats


EGP and IGP are the key components of the present internet infrastructure. Routers in a domain forward IP packet within and between domains. Each domain uses an intra-domain routing protocol known as Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) like IS-IS, OSPF, RIP etc to populate the routing tables of its routers. Routing information must also be exchanged between domains to ensure that a host in one domain can reach another host in remote domain. This role is performed by inter-domain routing protocol called Exterior Gateway Protocol (EGP). Basically EGP used these days is Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). Basic difference between the both is that BGP has smaller convergence as compared to the IGP’s. And IGP’s on the other hand have lesser scalability as compared to the BGP. So in this paper a proposal to create a new protocol is given which can act as an IGP when we consider inter-domain transfer of traffic and acts as BGP when we consider intra-domain transfer of traffic.

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