A Survey on Clustering Techniques for Wireless Sensor Network

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Rudranath Mitra, Diya Nandy
Published Date:
July 05, 2012
Volume 2, Issue 4
51 - 57

base station (bs), cell header (ch), inter-cluster communication, intra- cluster communication
Rudranath Mitra, Diya Nandy, "A Survey on Clustering Techniques for Wireless Sensor Network". International Journal of Research in Computer Science, 2 (4): pp. 51-57, July 2012. doi:10.7815/ijorcs.24.2012.040 Other Formats


Wireless sensor networks have been used in various fields like battle feilds, surveillance, schools, colleges, etc. It has been used in our day-to-day life. Its growth increases day by day. Sensor node normally senses the physical event from the environment such as temperature, sound, vibration, pressure etc. Sensor nodes are connected with each other through wireless medium such as infrared or radio waves it depends on applications. Each node has its internal memory to store the information regarding the event packets. In this paper we will come to know the various algorithms in clustering techniques for wireless sensor networks and discuss them. Clustering is a key technique used to extend the lifetime of a sensor network by reducing energy consumption .It can also increase network scalability. Sensor nodes are considered to be homogeneous since the researches in the feild of WSNs have been evolved but in reality homogeneous sensor networks hardly exist. Here we will discuss some of the impact of heterogeneous sensor networks on WSN and various clustering algorithms used in HWSN.

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