Digital Watermarking Trends

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Sarabjeet Singh
Published Date:
September 29, 2011
Volume 1, Issue 1
55 - 61

watermarking, dwt, spatial domain, transform domain, wavelet transform, cosine transform
Sarabjeet Singh, "Digital Watermarking Trends". International Journal of Research in Computer Science, 1 (1): pp. 55-61, September 2011. doi:10.7815/ijorcs.11.2011.005 Other Formats


Digital Watermarking is the technique used by researchers to hide user defined information along with important information that may be visible or invisible depending upon the requirements of the user. Now Digital Watermarking is concerned with the ownership of the information. Absence of Digital Watermark in the information results in loss of revenue. The Digital Watermark packed with the information should be inseparable. This paper will present here the different tr ends that are followed in the digital watermarking.

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