Ant Colony with Colored Pheromones Routing for Multi Objectives Quality of Services in WSNs

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Fatemeh Rismanian Yazdi
Published Date:
January 05, 2013
Volume 3, Issue 1
1 - 9

ant colony optimization, quality of service routing, wireless sensor network, colored pheromone
Fatemeh Rismanian Yazdi, "Ant Colony with Colored Pheromones Routing for Multi Objectives Quality of Services in WSNs". International Journal of Research in Computer Science, 3 (1): pp. 1-9, January 2013. doi:10.7815/ijorcs.31.2013.055 Other Formats


In this article, we present a new Ant-routing algorithm with colored pheromones and clustering techniques for satisfying users’ Quality of Service (QoS) requirements in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs). An important problem is to detect the best route from a source node to the destination node. Moreover, it is considered that the feature of non-uniformly distributed traffic load and possibility existing of the traffic requiring various performances; therefore, it is assumed the different class of traffic required for QoS of communication. In this paper, novel protocol, the suitability of using meta-heuristic an ant colony optimization based on energy saving and multi objectives, the demand of QoS routing protocol for WSN will be very adaptive ,resident power and mainly decrease end-to-end delay. These metrics are used by colored pheromones adapted to the traffic classes. Moreover, we reinforce the proposed method for scalability issue by clustering techniques. We use a proactive route discover algorithms in clusters and reactive discovery mechanism between different clusters. Compared to existing QoS routing protocols, the novel algorithm has been designed for various service categories such as real time (RT) and best effort (BE) traffic, resulted lower packet deadline miss ratio and higher energy efficiency and better QoS and longer lifetime.

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