Improving the Efficiency of Spectral Subtraction Method by combining it with Wavelet Thresholding Technique

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G. R. Mishra, Saurabh Kumar Mishra, Akanksha Trivedi, O.P. Singh, Satish Kumar
Published Date:
May 05, 2013
Volume 3, Issue 3
29 - 33

coefficient thresholding, musical noise, ssm, wavelet coefficients, wtt
G. R. Mishra, Saurabh Kumar Mishra, Akanksha Trivedi, O.P. Singh, Satish Kumar, "Improving the Efficiency of Spectral Subtraction Method by combining it with Wavelet Thresholding Technique". International Journal of Research in Computer Science, 3 (3): pp. 29-33, May 2013. doi:10.7815/ijorcs.33.2013.065 Other Formats


In the field of speech signal processing, Spectral subtraction method (SSM) has been successfully implemented to suppress the noise that is added acoustically. SSM does reduce the noise at satisfactory level but musical noise is a major drawback of this method. To implement spectral subtraction method, transformation of speech signal from time domain to frequency domain is required. On the other hand, Wavelet transform displays another aspect of speech signal. In this paper we have applied a new approach in which SSM is cascaded with wavelet thresholding technique (WTT) for improving the quality of speech signal by removing the problem of musical noise to a great extent. Results of this proposed system have been simulated on MATLAB.

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