Channel Aware Mac Protocol for Maximizing Throughput and Fairness

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G. Suseendran, E. Chandrasekaran
Published Date:
September 05, 2013
Volume 3, Issue 5
1 - 11

mobile ad hoc networks (manets), mac protocol, throughput and fairness,
G. Suseendran, E. Chandrasekaran, "Channel Aware Mac Protocol for Maximizing Throughput and Fairness". International Journal of Research in Computer Science, 3 (5): pp. 1-11, September 2013. doi:10.7815/ijorcs.35.2013.069 Other Formats


The proper channel utilization and the queue length aware routing protocol is a challenging task in MANET. To overcome this drawback we are extending the previous work by improving the MAC protocol to maximize the Throughput and Fairness. In this work we are estimating the channel condition and Contention for a channel aware packet scheduling and the queue length is also calculated for the routing protocol which is aware of the queue length. The channel is scheduled based on the channel condition and the routing is carried out by considering the queue length. This queue length will provide a measurement of traffic load at the mobile node itself. Depending upon this load the node with the lesser load will be selected for the routing; this will effectively balance the load and improve the throughput of the ad hoc network.

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