Narrative Science Systems: A Review

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Paramjot Kaur Sarao, Puneet Mittal, Rupinder Kaur
Published Date:
October 05, 2015
Volume 5, Issue 1
9 - 14

computational narration, automatic story generation, automatic narration, content creation, natural language processing, nlp
Paramjot Kaur Sarao, Puneet Mittal, Rupinder Kaur, "Narrative Science Systems: A Review". International Journal of Research in Computer Science, 5 (1): pp. 9-14, October 2015. Other Formats


Automatic narration of events and entities is the need of the hour, especially when live reporting is critical and volume of information to be narrated is huge. This paper discusses the challenges in this context, along with the algorithms used to build such systems. From a systematic study, we can infer that most of the work done in this area is related to statistical data. It was also found that subjective evaluation or contribution of experts is also limited for narration context.

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