Guidelines for Reviewers

The success of any journal is determined by the Collaborative Effort raised by the Editorial Team members. Working as a team not only enhances the global image of the journal but also the credibility of the editorial members. The IJORCS Team members are the iconic representatives striving to introduce the journal to colleagues, researchers, libraries etc. According to IJORCS, the editors are themselves responsible to maintain the global standards followed in the ‘Double Blind Peer-Review’ process. This introduces and maintains a sense of ownership over the journal in their mindsets.

The main duties as a member of the IJORCS Editorial Board are :

  1. To review the papers submitted in our journal
  2. Then submit papers
  3. Recommending  new reviewer committee members
  4. Suggesting topic improvements
  5. Disseminating the Call for Papers.

As a fully peer-refereed journal, the work when submitted, should meet international quality standards. Only the papers accepted by the Editorial Board will be published in the journal, and so the member's role of the review board is to provide commentary, criticism, and opinion for those papers that they review.

Researchers and authors are invited to participate in the peer-review process of IJORCS papers if your research interest matches with the themes of Call for Papers.

The reviewing process can be termed as a double-blind process.

The most important parts of aspect of your review would be the review form

Key points here are, the written comments that will be transmitted to the author on the form. The assessment given should be simple and straightforward depicting the importance of the ideas and/or results presented in the paper.

Your written comments should provide a thorough appraisal of the reported work.

Reviewers are generally expected to complete their review within a four weeks period.

If you are unable to review, please find a competent alternate reviewer, else notify us immediately so that we can pass it on to another IJORCS reviewer.

Reviews should be constructive and provide feedback to the authors. Reviewers are also encouraged to suggest ways to improve the paper, even if it is acceptable in its original form. The completed review form,  then should be electronically returned to the IJORCS Managing Editor.

If you would like to become an IJORCS reviewer, register yourself here. You will receive an email informing you whether you have been qualified to be part of the IJORCS Reviewers Committee.