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Contents for a Researcher's Web Page - An Overview

Being a researcher you always need a public webpage where you could display a list of scholarly work carried out by you, ongoing projects and all your achievements. Here, we would discuss about some important point that are not only necessary to be mentioned on a researcher’s webpage, but also increase the credibility and outreach of their profile. Either you are a budding scholar or an experienced scientist, a researcher’s profile should contain at least the information that is described below:
  • Name of Research Scholar: The name displayed in a Web base Profile / Page defines your Identity on the Web. A researcher should maintain consistency in the names used in accounts on different websites like DBLP, Arxiv.org, CORR etc and all other self archiving, publishing websites. A unique and consistent name would bring you rank higher in search engines.
  • Photograph: Keep handy a professional photograph to be used in the web profile / page, not the one you got clicked on your cousin’s marriage
  • Correct Contact information
  • Your Present Affiliation
  • A brief description of your work
  • Your most important scholarly works, including journal articles, books and book chapters, conference papers, and datasets.

Some bunch of additional information on your profile can be advantageous for you to get research assistantship for your Ph.D. abroad or some Research grants:
  • Giving your enhanced contact information, including links to Twitter, LinkedIn, Research gate and other social networking sites
  • You can include the list of people working with you or under you.
  • Other scholarly activities, including presentations, peer-review, teaching, programming and outreach programs in which you are handling any responsibility or a member of any committee.
  • Give a list of projects on which you are currently working on.
  • Awards and other researcher metrics like H-Index, suspended H-Index, M-Index etc. for your scholarly work.
  • Conferences you are planning to attend or you have attended till date.

Associating your research work with some good Open Access Journals benefits researchers, institutions, nations and society as a whole as it provides free and unrestricted access to global research manuscripts. Participation in emerging journals that follows the actual Quality Policies, Ethics in the research community, like IJORCS, can be advantageous action for you after some time span. For an example of a Researcher’s Webpage, you may find plenty of links on the following webpage, http://www.ijorcs.org/editorial-board

To contribute to the Knowledge Base, please send your article* to editor@ijorcs.org
* Your article should clearly fall under the domain of Computer Science